What Is a Baby Fox Called?

baby-fox-called Credit: Darren Teagles/CC-BY-2.0

A baby fox is called a kit, a pup or a cub, and at birth he resembles a puppy, with a short nose and ears and brown fur. A baby fox grows rapidly and reaches adult size around 6 months of age.

Gestation lasts approximately 52 days and kits are born in March or April in litters of four or five. Their eyes and ears open at two weeks and they leave the den at four weeks, when their fur begins to turn red.

Foxes belong to the dog family and there are numerous species that live in a wide range of habitats from the far north to the North African desert.

Foxes are a canid species, which means they are related to dogs, wolves and coyotes. Foxes, however, have a much broader area of distribution than the other canids and can be found in nearly any habitat. The body of a fox is adapted for agility and speed. Known for their cunning resourcefulness and big bushy tails, foxes are well-represented as tricksters in much of the world's mythological and folkloric traditions.