What Is a Baby Bee Called?

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The scientific name for a baby bee is “larvae.” Larvae hatch from the eggs that are laid by the queen within the honeycombs of the bee hive. Once a larvae emerges from its egg, it is fed a nutritious substance called royal jelly.

Royal jelly is secreted from the heads of the worker bees. The larvae feed on this royal jelly for two to three days. Once the bee larvae has reached its full growth, the young worker bees place a lid of wax on top of the honeycomb chamber that houses the larvae. The larvae then spins itself a cocoon and begin to change from a larvae to a bee. This transformation can take anywhere from eleven to twelve days, during which the larvae is referred to as a pupa. Finally, once the transformation is complete, the adult bee breaks out of its cocoon, eats through the wax lid and leaves the honeycomb chamber.