What Is an Azalea Caterpillar?

Kerry Wixted/CC-BY-2.0

The azalea caterpillar is a caterpillar that primarily feeds on indica azalea plants. They heavily consume vegetation, but they are harmless to humans. Azalea caterpillars have been found in Florida, Maryland, Kansas and Arkansas.

Azalea caterpillar larvae take on colorful patterns, which include red, yellow and black, as they mature. The larvae feed on woody plants and bog rosemary leaves, but they have also been documented eating various fruits such as apples and blueberries. The larvae render the leaves into a skeletal state when eating in clusters, but the adults eat the leaves whole. The adults gain their wings from June to August. Azalea caterpillars are considered a pest, and they do the most damage to vegetation from August to September.