Approximately How Many Piglets Does a Sow Have in a Litter?

fStop Images – Tobias Titz/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

A domestic farm pig averages 10 piglets per litter and can have two to three litters per year. Feral hogs have five to six piglets per litter and average 1.5 litters per year. Pig farmers average 23 piglets per year per breeding sow.

Pig farmers attempt to optimize the number of piglets per sow per year, with 30 piglets per sow per year considered to be an optimal rate of productivity. Domestic breeding sows are first bred when they are around 1 year old, and most are sent to slaughter after four litters, at around 3 years of age. Feral hogs don’t usually produce a litter until they are more than a year old, and most live four to six years.