What Do Ants Eat?

Frederick Bass/Getty Images

Ants eat fruit, meat, seeds and vegetables depending on the type of ant. Carpenter ants eat fruits, and red fire ants are meat-eaters. Different ants eat different foods, and ants are omnivorous, so they eat many different things.

Carpenter ants eat fruit, such as the honeydew fruit. Some types of ants, such as red fire ants, eat meat in the form of other ants from other colonies. There are ants that eat aphids, spiders and other insects as well.

The ants that come in ant farms are usually Western Harvester ants. These ants eat vegetables and fruits in small pieces. They eat a lot of foods that humans eat, including carrots, apples and lettuce. Anyone feeding these ants must remove the food after three days since the ants only eat one or two pieces of food at a time.

Many ants eat vegetables, and they often cause a lot of damage to gardens as a result. Ants also tend to love eating sugar. Anything that has sugar in it is often delicious to ants. This includes water that is simply mixed with sugar. Many ants go after flowers that secrete sugar as well. Some ants actually cultivate fungus to eat, and others herd aphids in order to eat the sugary secretions off their skin.