What Animals Are Predators of the Zebra?

Tom Brakefield/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The animal predators of zebra are African lions, leopards, cheetahs, African wild dogs, spotted hyenas and Nile crocodiles, according to PawNation. Zebras are herbivores that are eaten by carnivores living within their habitat.

The African lion is capable of taking down a young, ill or injured zebra on its own, explains PawNation. African lions often hunt in groups known as prides. The pride works together to stalk and take down the prey. Another predator of zebras are leopards, which are smaller than lions. Leopards usually hunt alone. However, their small size hampers them from killing a healthy adult zebra. They usually hunt hurt or sick zebras and smaller mammals, such as deer and wild pigs.

Cheetahs are the fastest land mammals, and they typically hunt alone or in packs. They prey on baby zebras when hunting alone. When hunting in packs, they are capable of killing an adult zebra. These animals rely on their fast speed and sharp eyesight to catch their prey.

African wild dogs are endangered animals that live in central Africa. These predators hunt in groups consisting of around six to 20 members. Large packs have the ability to take down an adult zebra. Spotted hyenas are scavengers that also hunt in packs. Another predator of zebras are the Nile crocodiles that eat zebras as they drink from bodies of water or swim across rivers.