What Animals Eat Snakes?

Raccoons, mongooses, foxes, coyotes, wild boars, birds and other snakes eat snakes regularly. Snakes have a variety of predators, which vary according to their size and location. Snake eggs and young snakes are preyed upon more than adults, although there are animals that hunt fully grown snakes.

Birds are one of the snake’s most prominent predators. Birds have keen eyesight, which allows them to spot snakes on land, in trees or even in the water. Birds are capable of flying down unexpectedly, snatching snakes with their sharp talons and then carrying them away to an ideal feeding area. The kingsnake actively hunts many types of snakes, and some other snakes have been known to cannibalize as well.

Large snakes are often eaten by wild boars, although boars tend to avoid hunting venomous snakes. Wild boars are very powerful, and they often hunt in packs, which makes them highly efficient predators to even the largest snakes. Raccoons and foxes are capable of climbing trees to hunt snakes, and they can also run quickly to catch escaping prey.

Snakes flick their tongues to smell and taste for predators or prey in the area. Many species of snakes are capable of injecting venom into predators or prey as a defense mechanism, or to subdue their prey.