What Animals Eat Scorpions?

Scorpions, like most animals, have some natural predators, and those animals include the grasshopper mouse, birds, snakes and other scorpions. Animals that prey on scorpions have to adapt to develop immunity from the scorpion’s stings and venom.

Perhaps the most surprising predator of the scorpion is the grasshopper mouse. This tiny rodent can get away with eating venomous scorpions with no ill effect. The venom in the scorpion works as a natural painkiller on the mouse. Studies on these mice show that the venom blocked the pain from other injuries and from the scorpion’s sting itself.

The larger or more venomous the scorpion, the fewer predators it has. Scorpions are often associated with dry deserts, but in reality they live all over the world, in different types of climates.