Bats, Cats, Rats and Co.: Why Do We Associate Certain Animals With Halloween?

Photo Courtesy: Bryce James/iStock; MikeLane45/iStock; CreativeNature_nl/iStock; stsmhn/iStock; pschoenfelder/iStock

It’s no secret that Halloween is the spookiest day of the year. It's a day of tricks, treats, scares and all-around ghoulish fun. Witches, goblins and other superstars of scariness that go bump in the night are used as inspiration for costumes and decorations. But these frightful foes aren’t the only familiar faces we see around this mid-autumn holiday — plenty of creepy critters we spy in our everyday lives are also important symbols of Halloween.

Around October, and in addition to all the vampires and devils, we start seeing more animals like black cats, spiders and toads. But why are these creatures associated with this eerie night, and how did they become symbols of this holiday? Let's explore why different animals have come to represent All Hallow's Eve.