What animal eats cats?


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Coyotes, hawks, owls, raccoons, foxes, dogs and coyotes occasionally feed on domestic and feral cats. Feral cats and domestic cats that spend the night outside are at the greatest risk of predation. While cats are capable of climbing trees, this ability does not protect them from all potential threats.

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Coyotes are the most significant predator of domestic cats, but feral dogs and foxes also consume many cats. Some foxes are capable of climbing, which is a skill that most dogs and coyotes lack, so they are able to capture cats that seek safety in the trees. Taking to the trees does not save cats from raccoons, hawks or owls either, as these predators are fully capable of finding their prey in trees.

While such occurrences are rare, crocodiles, alligators and large snakes also eat cats from time to time. Large predators, such as mountain lions and wolves, occasionally kill and eat cats if the opportunity presents itself, but such large predators normally seek larger prey.

Both feral and domestic casts rely on their speed, agility and climbing abilities to avoid most predators. If they are unable to escape direct confrontations, they use their sharp teeth and claws to fight off predators.

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