How Do You Adopt an African Grey Parrot for Free?

To adopt an African grey parrot for free, contact an exotic bird rescue, such as Northeast Avian Rescue; this shelter does not charge adoption fees for rescued birds. lists bird rescues and shelters across the United States. Search through the listings to find other shelters with no adoption fees. Alternatively, those interested in caring for African greys may volunteer to foster birds for a shelter.

Located in East Greenbush, New York, Northeast Avian Rescue is a 501(c)(3) charity that specializes in sheltering all types of exotic birds, including African grey parrots. The adoption process at NEAR involves a home visit; during this visit, a NEAR representative inspects the home and ensures that it is a safe environment for a pet bird. The shelter also evaluates the experience that the adopter has with birds and strives to match birds with owners who can take the best possible care of them.

While there is no adoption fee at NEAR, the shelter advises prospective adopters that there are many costs involved in adopting a bird, including the cost of an adequate cage. Toys, vet bills and food over the bird’s lifetime should also be factored into the cost of adopting an African grey parrot.

Many other shelters offer African grey parrots for adoption, including Lonely Grey Rescue, RoseBerry Bird Rescue and A Refuge for Saving the Wildlife. However, these shelters charge adoption fees to cover the cost of vet care, food and rehabilitation for the birds while in the shelter. Most shelters welcome volunteers to help socialize the birds and care for them before adoption, and there is no cost for volunteering. For example, Lonely Grey Rescue invites older teens and those over the age of 21 to help care for its birds.