What are some uses for Dawn dish soap?


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Dawn dishwashing soap has a number of uses in addition to cleaning dishes. These uses include personal grooming, pet grooming and yard maintenance.

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What are some uses for Dawn dish soap?
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Dawn can be used to wash unwanted darker hair coloring out due to Dawn's ability to help lighten hair. Dawn can also help remove soap scum from a bathtub because it is able to pierce the grease without harming the finish of older tubs. For this same reason, one teaspoon of Dawn can be mixed with one gallon of water and then used to clean a car. This will also cut through any protective wax on the car.

One tablespoon of Dawn mixed with a spray bottle of water can kill fleas and other small insects in carpeting by drying them up. These insects can typically be removed 15 minutes after spraying. Dawn can also be used directly as a shampoo for a dog in order to kill fleas, but the dog must be rinsed thoroughly or his skin will feel irritated.

Dawn can also wash grease and dirt off of a face. Two teaspoons of Dawn mixed with two teaspoons of Heinz White Vinegar and two quarts of warm water form a solution that can help remove stains from clothing.

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