What are the properties of mild steel?


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Mild steel is tough, ductile and malleable. It has good tensile strength but poor corrosion resistance. It is mainly used as an all-purpose engineering material.

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Mild steel is a very popular metal and one of the cheapest types of steel available. It’s found in almost every metal product. This type of steel contains less than 2 percent carbon, which makes it magnetize well. Since it’s relatively inexpensive, mild steel is useful for most projects requiring huge amounts of steel. Mild steel does not have great structural strength, making it unsuitable for building girders or structural beams.

Most everyday products made from steel contain some mild steel material. Since it has a weak resistance to corrosion, mild steel must be painted or sealed to keep it from rusting. Putting a coat of grease or oil on mild steel also helps to protect it from corrosion.

Because it is a soft material, mild steel is easy to weld, whereas high-carbon steels, such as stainless steel, require the use of specialized welding techniques. Also, electricity can flow through mild steel easily without impacting its structural integrity. Mild steel is a variant of hard steels, which makes it much less brittle and enhances its flexibility.

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