What Are the Best Paint Colors to Use in a Kitchen?

What Are the Best Paint Colors to Use in a Kitchen?

According to HGTV, the best paint colors to use in a kitchen are blue, red, yellow, green, gray and white. These colors, if used appropriately, help to make the kitchen a cozy space.

Blue invigorates a room. Light blue shades give the kitchen a clean look. Dark blues, if used sparingly such as on trim, provide a nice accent color. However, too much dark blue can give the room a gloomy aura.

Red is a stimulating color for a kitchen. Several shades work equally well. A bright red wall or red cabinets can really emphasize this room to make it pop.

Yellow brightens up a room. It helps to both soothe and gladden all those that enter. It also helps to make a small space stand out and look bigger.

Green energizes the kitchen. While mint and apple green are great, subtle shades to use, a darker emerald green can really show off this room. Plus it complements neutral accents.

White gives the kitchen a fresh look. This unassuming color brightens up the space. It also goes well with any type of accents such as bright counters and colorful backsplashes.

Although gray is a neutral color, there are countless pairing opportunities. The right shade can work beautifully in a kitchen.