What Is a Group of Trees Called?


The name for a group of trees depends on the number of trees in the vicinity: small groups of trees are called groves or copses, while forests refer to larger groups of trees that cover landscapes and may include entire biospheres, such as rainforests and tiagas. Groups of trees exist around the world and vary in name depending on size of the tree lot as well as region of the world.

Groves and copses are the smallest group of trees. Trees growing in groves often form small clusters and squeeze into tight living spaces. These trees usually congregate to form a tight community and can even share resources such as soil, water and nutrients. While groves may form a small part of a surrounding landscape, forests are much larger and typically dominate the surrounding landscape.

Forests, like groves, exist in many forms around the world. Some forests exist as tropical rainforests, while others take the form of deciduous forests and contain a variety of trees. Other forests are boreal forests and mangrove forests, which are most common in tropical locations. Some forests contain very old trees, while others serve as habitats to specific tree species such as redwoods.