What Was the Traditional Clothing of England?

England itself does not have traditional clothing or national dress, but it is found in other countries in the United Kingdom, such as Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The kilt and tartan are both famous components of the national dress in Scotland, with the tartan a part of the Welsh national dress as well.

Although there is no national dress for England, there is plenty to go around in Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The Learning English Network states that the Scottish national dress for men includes not only a kilt, but a shirt, waistcoat and tweed jacket as well. The men wear brogues, which are shoes or boots made with a low heel and sturdy leather. Women wear pleated skirts or dresses with shawls that incorporate the tartan material.

In Wales, men wear tartan trousers. Women wear a lace cap and tall black hat, somewhat resembling a top hat. They also wear a skirt and blouse with black stockings and a red shawl. Irish national dress is fairly simple, involving a shirt, trousers and long cloaks.

There have been past attempts to design a national dress of England. Henry VIII sent so far as to hire a designer to get the job done, but in the end this, and other attempts, have fallen through.