What Is the Relationship Between Skin Rash and Liver Disease?


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Skin rash is a symptom of liver disease, as stated by WebMD. While there are many different types of skin rash, each attributable to a different cause, certain types of skin rash are indicative of liver disease.

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Skin rash can be a symptom of the hepatitis C virus, a form of liver disease, as noted by Healthline. Widespread, red, itchy rashes known as urticaria are the most common rash associated with the hepatitis C virus. Urticaria can last for a few hours and causes the skin to swell. Hepatitis C rashes commonly occur on the chest, arms and torso. At an acute stage, hepatitis C can also cause temporary rashes on the face as well as lip swelling. Antihistamines and topical ointments are the best treatments for rashes associated with liver disease.

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