What does high MPV in blood mean?


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A high MPV, or a high number of large platelets, in an individual with a low platelet count indicates the release of platelets from the bone marrow into the blood circulation, according to Lab Tests Online. Unexplained bruising is a typical symptom of platelet deficiency.

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A platelet count identifies the number of platelets in a blood sample, explains Lab Tests Online. Automated blood analyzers perform calculations called mean platelet volume, or MPV, and platelet distribution width, or PDW. MPV reveals the average platelet size in an individual���s blood sample, whereas PDW shows the uniformity of platelets in terms of size. Doctors can determine the reason for a high or low platelet count by analyzing the MPV and PDW.

A platelet count is typically part of a health exam, and it is done to monitor or detect conditions that increase or lower an individual���s platelet number, states Lab Tests Online. Such conditions include bleeding disorders and bone marrow diseases.

A low MPV in a person with a low platelet count may result from a disorder that affects the bone marrow���s platelet production, notes Lab Tests Online. Symptoms of high or low platelet count include nose, mouth or rectum bleeding without apparent injury; a persistently bleeding small wound or unusual menstrual periods. Anyone who experiences these symptoms should get tested, as the symptoms may indicate a platelet disorder.

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