What are the benefits of taking L-Carnitine?


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The main benefit of taking L-carnitine is to help the body produce more energy, according to WebMD. People also take L-carnitine for kidney disease, when having an L-carnitine deficiency, for chest pain, heart failure and hypothyroidism.

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Studies have shown that the main benefit of taking L-carnitine is to treat serious kidney disease as it can help to raise the red blood-cell count, states WebMD. In fact, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved L-carnitine for those with severe kidney disease undergoing hemodialysis. It is also approved for those suffering from an L-carnitine deficiency that is caused by genetic disease.

There is also a possibility that L-carnitine can be beneficial when treating a number of other conditions, explains WebMD. For instance, chest pain may be reduced by taking L-carnitine by mouth. This also helps to improve exercise ability. In addition, L-carnitine may help to treat the symptoms of hypothyroidism such as nervousness, weakness and pounding heartbeat. Male infertility may also improve by taking L-carnitine as it can help to increase sperm count and movement. It is also possible that L-carnitine may help those who have myocarditis, and it may help those who experience bad side effects from a seizure medication known as valproic acid.

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