What Is a List of All Red Meats?

list-red-meats Credit: Ronald Sarayudej/CC-BY 2.0

Red meats are all meats that are red when raw, such as beef, pork and lamb. Red meats are typically high in saturated fats, and excessive intake of these meats is linked to various health problems. The flesh of a cow, or beef, is made of complete proteins and amino acids that help to build tissues. However, different cuts of meat from the cow vary widely in fat content.

The iron content found in beef is much higher and more available for use in the body than from any other food source. Beef is rich in B and A vitamins, and has small amounts of vitamins E and D. The liver of cattle is the most nutritious cut of the animal, and it is packed with vitamins and minerals. Lamb, which is widely consumed around the world, has a similar makeup to beef and sits around midway between the richer and leaner cuts of beef in fat content.

Pork, is similar in fat, protein and nutrient levels to beef and lamb when it is in its natural state. However, when it is smoked and cured to make bacon, ham and other products, it is very high in sodium and other additives.