What Are Some Foods That Begin With the Letter "X"?

Some foods that begin with the letter "x" include xanthan gum, which is an additive in foods, and xacuti, a chicken dish. Others are xia and xavier soup.

Chicken xacuti is a dish made with poppy seeds and chilies. It is a native dish of Goa, a state in India, and consists of chicken, potatoes and coconut simmered in a spicy and colorful masala sauce.

Xia is the English spelling of the Chinese word for shrimp. One xia dish is “gan shao xia,” or sweet and sour shrimp. It is a dish of head-on shrimp flavored with traditional Chinese seasonings including mirin, ginger and soy sauce, and is served on white rice.

Xavier suppe, or xavier soup, is a classic Italian dish made from chicken in a stock and vegetable base. It includes Parmesan cheese dumplings and is traditionally served with parsley and chervil, which is an herb similar to parsley, for garnish.

One type of grape used to make wine in Greece is the xinomavro, which means "acid-black." The Xinomavro grows in Macedonia and is known for producing a red wine that contains rich tannins and ages well.

A xiaolongbao is a bun which hails from the Jiangnan region of China. Traditionally, the xiaolongbao is served steamed in a bamboo basket. They are a type of soup dumpling, meaning that they are sometimes filled with a melted, meat-based filling with the consistency of soup. Most xiaolongbaos are filled with pork, although crab is also common, as are vegetarian fillings.