What Are the ZIP Codes in Nassau in the Bahamas?

Neither the city of Nassau nor the Commonwealth of the Bahamas have any sort of postal code. While the government of the Bahamas has made preliminary steps toward modernizing their postal service, not much has been accomplished.

The Bahamas consists of over 700 islands, with most mail being delivered by boat. According to Bahamas Yellow Pages, mail delivery is very slow. It often takes several weeks for a letter to be delivered. Mail is delivered to general post offices, where individuals, families or businesses can rent a post office box for annual fees ranging from $30 to $80, provided they are Bahamian citizens and 18 years and older. As a result, all mail addresses to the Bahamas are post office box addresses. When electronic databases have trouble accepting addresses in Nassau or the Bahamas due to the lack of a ZIP or postal code, sometimes inputting “00000” allows the database to take the address.