What is the ZIP code for Israel?


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Like most countries and territories, Israel has a large number of zip, or postal, codes. Israeli postal codes consist of a series of numerical digits that indicate the specific region and city of a particular address. Postal services use the code to quickly route mail to the intended recipient.

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Postal codes in Israel follow a specific pattern that begins in the northern region of the state, with the numbers growing incrementally for each additional area along that path. Israel's postal-code system follows the same type of numbering that is seen in other countries, with one exception. While traditionally following a five-digit system, in 2013 Israel switched to a seven-digit system instead.

While initially making postal codes more confusing, the idea behind the change was to open up the possibility for more addresses. Under the old five-digit system, the postal service was limited to only 100,000 possible codes. Since the change, however, 10 million unique postal codes are now possible. With a growing population of almost eight million citizens, the seven-digit postal-code system was a much-needed change to the addressing system. In order to find the postal code for a particular region or city, the Israeli Post website provides a search tool.

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