How Do You Write a Request for Additional Staff?

To write a request for additional staff, thank your supervisor for his time, and list the reasons why the request is appropriate and justified. Explain in detail how having additional staff members would increase revenue or help you achieve another important company-related goal.

  1. Prepare before writing

    Brainstorm answers to issues relating to the reason for the request. Ask yourself the following questions, and develop answers to them: Why is the request justified? How is customer service impacted because there are not enough staff members? How many additional staff members are needed? What skill sets should the new employees have? Who will train and mentor new staff members? Where could room be made in the budget to pay new employees? Gather as much proof and supporting evidence as possible to submit along with your request.

  2. Write the first draft of the request

    Structure the request by first thanking your boss for his consideration, and then stating your reason for the letter. Submit brief yet detailed answers to the questions listed in Step 1. Discuss how the lack of sufficient staff members is hurting the company and how new, efficient staff members can help.

  3. Add details and supporting evidence

    Be specific when making each statement, and list instances where not having enough staff had a negative effect on the company. Throughout the letter, remain respectful, polite, concise and professional.

  4. End the letter

    Thank your supervisor again for his time and consideration. Request a meeting to discuss the letter, and list any enclosures or attachments to the letter.