How do you write a project synopsis?


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To create a project synopsis, write a short summary of planned or completed work. Most project synopses begin by stating why the project is important and who finds the project most useful. The synopsis then explains the problem or issue that the project is attempting to solve. Finally, the project synopsis provides an overview of the method used to solve this problem and the results of the project.

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How do you write a project synopsis?
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Many project synopses are fewer than 400 words long. Because the purpose of a synopsis is to summarize the project for potential readers from a variety of backgrounds, avoid academic or industry-specific jargon. Use plain English and avoid acronyms when possible. Some projects may require the use of acronyms or industry-specific terms. In these cases, explain the terms for a general audience.

A project synopsis is used to explain the project's importance to readers. It should focus on specific outcomes and findings, highlighting any outcomes that may affect the audience. Additional questions raised by the project should be discussed in the project description, not in the synopsis. In some cases, a project synopsis summarizes a future project, and these outcomes are unknown. In this case, the project synopsis should state the specific outcomes desired.

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