How Do You Write Money Amounts?

Amounts and values of money can be written using words, numbers and/or symbols. In North America, the dollar symbol is $ and the cent symbol is ?.

For example, one quarter can be written in words as “twenty-five cents” or in numbers and symbols as 25 cents, $0.25 or 25?. Another way to designate one quarter is as the fraction 25 hundredths of a dollar (25/100). The amount of one dollar can be written as one dollar, $1.00, $1, 100? or 100 cents. One can write larger monetary amounts using dollars and cents in the same way. The word “and” denotes the decimal point. For example, the number format of $25.16 is “twenty-five dollars and sixteen cents” in the written format. One also can write this same amount as 2,516? or as 25 and 16 hundredths of a dollar. Alternatively, the amount of $25,000 is written as “twenty-five thousand dollars.”

When monetary amounts are used in narrative pieces, depending on the type of publication, they generally are written out in words, especially if the amount starts a sentence. For example: “Twenty-five dollars burned a hole in his pocket,” or “He had just sixty cents left to spend,” or “The country’s national debt is eighteen million dollars.”

Different publication style books dictate different rules on how to designate currency amounts. Different rules may apply for various currencies around the world.