How Do I Write an Employee up for a No Call/no Show?

If an employee fails to come to work without valid reason, it may be necessary to take disciplinary action by consulting with your Human Resources manager and creating a formal write up form for the employee to sign. This clarifies the unacceptable behaviors and the consequences of repeating them.

  1. Meet with the Human Resources manager

    Talk to the Human Resources department to ensure that you are following the company’s write up policy. Ask for a template or sample letter of reprimand for reference when you are creating the letter of reprimand. Check the employee handbook, too.

  2. Cite the employee’s behavior

    Create a formal write up using a template or formal letter formatting. Include details of the employee’s unprofessional behavior and the date of the absence. Include references to the employee handbook where the employee has violated policies.

  3. Include a follow up

    Write out the expectations for the employee with regard to future performance. Dedicate a portion of the letter to scheduling a review of the employee’s behavior in the coming weeks.

  4. Set a time to meet with the employee

    Let the employee know you need to have a meeting to discuss performance. Talk about the effects of the employee’s behavior on the company and how you expect performance to improve in the future. Allow the employee to ask questions about the write up and how to improve.

  5. Ask the employee to sign the write up

    Sign the write up and have the employee sign it. Make sure the employee understands the reasons for the disciplinary action and how to avoid further infractions in the future. Submit the document to the Human Resources manager for company records.