How Do You Write a Bid Letter?

Write a bid letter by explaining why your business should be engaged for the job, the benefits of doing so, your qualifications, your references and any legal concerns. Use the letter to instill confidence, remaining respectful and professional.

  1. Explain why your business is the best for the job

    When writing a bid letter, concisely describe how your business is the best choice. Focus on your company’s positive attributes, and boast your company’s best assets. Provide additional ideas and answers to the client’s potential questions. Offer solutions regarding the project’s deadline and scheduling. Detail the qualifications of the team. Make sure the description is clear and focused on relevant points of experience.

  2. Provide numbers that show off your success

    Show your worth compared to that of your competitors by researching their rates. Once you know what they charge, find ways to bring in a bid that’s lower than theirs while simultaneously increasing value and quality. Create a breakdown of production, shipping and other relevant operating costs.

  3. Address relevant legal issues

    Finally, be sure to address any legal concerns, if applicable. For instance, if your data requires a confidential status, include a notation in the bid that details the information you need redacted.