What Is Backup and Recovery Software?

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If you’ve ever lost your digital data before, you know that feeling of panic: Your data is gone, and you don’t know if you can get it back. Thankfully, modern software and programming have advanced extensively over the past few years, and in many cases you’ll be able to recover lost data. The key to doing so? Backup and recovery software. Learn more about the basics of these programs to discover how they can help you keep your data where you need it.

What Is Data Backup and Recovery Software?

Data backup and recovery software are two different types of software that have a relatively similar purpose: They’re designed to safeguard the security of your data.

Data backup software ensures you have additional copies of your data. This software can store your data in the cloud, saving it from physical or digital damage. It can also prevent hackers from accessing your data. Data backup can work by physically backing up your data on a piece of physical media, like a flash drive. It can also back up your data on another server via cloud storage. 

Recovery software can recover or access your data if it ever becomes inaccessible for any reason. Common events recovery software can provide protection for include digital hacking, theft and physical damage to computer hardware. 

How Does Backup and Recovery Software Work?

A backup program creates an entire backup of the files it’s been programmed to copy. Those files are stored in physical media or uploaded to a secure cloud account. From there, you’ll be able to access them by either plugging in the physical drive where the files are located or signing into your cloud account online. You should back up your files regularly to get the maximum benefit of a backup program.


Recovery software is more complicated. Depending on the program, recovery software can involve multiple techniques. The most common involves a metadata analysis of files in question, with advanced algorithms sorting data and files to regain access. In some cases, like in the event of a physical disaster, a recovery service may need to make physical repairs to the device where the files are stored. 

Where Can I Download Backup and Recovery Software?

Backup software programs are usually available for purchase online. You can also buy flash drives or portable hard drives and use them to create backups of selected files manually. Common commercial programs include Carbonite, Veeam and IDrive. Recovery software is available from individual vendors and commercial websites like Amazon.


The Best Free Backup Recovery Software Programs

Backup and recovery programs are both vital for maintaining access to important files, but they can be costly if you need them for enterprise use at a business. If you need them for personal, at-home use, however, you can download some programs for free. 


Some top free backup options include:

  • EaseUS Todo Backup Free
  • Paragon Backup & Recovery
  • FBackup

When it comes to recovery programs, some great free options include:

  • Stellar Data Recovery
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard
  • Disk Drill

Keep in mind that these programs may not remain free, but they still represent some top options available.