What Is Wendy’s Corporate Headquarters’ Phone Number?


If you have a complaint or a compliment, you can reach Wendy’s at 888-624-8140. You can use this number to register a complaint or if you have questions. Texts can also be received at this number. Learn more about how investigations are conducted and more about the company as a whole.

How to Email Wendy’s

If you have a direct complaint, you can email Wendy’s at customercare@wendys.com. However, if you have a concern that doesn’t require an immediate response, you can also leave questions and comments on their web form under the Contact Us tab.

A Look at Code of Conduct Violations

While Wendy’s is reportedly a fun place to work, employees must adhere to a code of conduct. This includes not only employees that provide cleaning services or take orders but also to those who are managers or who work in Wendy’s corporate office. Some of the code of conducts that are included are:

  • Recording and reporting information
  • Community involvement 
  • Employees responsibility
  • Youth responsibility
  • Business relations

There are many codes of conduct. These are just a few that all employees must follow. They must also take a training class. 

Wendy’s History

It’s well known that a man named Dave Thomas had a child and named her daughter Wendy. She eventually became the icon on the fast-food chain. Today, Wendy’s is franchised all around the world. While they’re introducing new menu items, older ones remain popular like Wendy’s single hamburgers, chicken nuggets, chili, baked potatoes, and the iconic Frosty.

How to Get a Franchise or Work for Wendy’s? 

The best way to build a Wendy’s business or to find a job is too long online. Finding a job is pretty easy to see on the website, and the pages will walk you through how to apply so that your application can be submitted. Most large companies do not have paper applications anymore. To become a franchise owner, you have to meet certain financial guidelines and start the franchise application process, which is also provided online. You can apply for a franchise in North America or in countries around the world. One of the goals of Wendy’s franchising is to look for multi-franchise investors who want to start up more than one restaurant, whether it’s in a single area or multiple areas. However, Wendy’s will still take applications from those who want to open a single franchise. 

What Are Some Famous Wendy’s Food Items?

Like other fast-food restaurants, Wendy’s has items like burgers and fries. However, they also have a value menu, similarly to other fast-food restaurants. Wendy’s also has chili, many different types of salad like Asian chicken salad and taco salad, and baked potatoes on their menu. Wendy’s also was one of the first restaurants to offer a spicy chicken sandwich. For dessert, they have frozen Frosty drinks. 

What Are Some of Wendy’s Beliefs?

One of Wendy’s staples is quality, and they believe in wholeheartedly. Large portions of their website are dedicated to producing quality meats and foods. Wendy’s also interested in expanding internationally and getting more people to franchise restaurants. Wendy’s is a pretty well-known name and one of the world’s top hamburger-themed companies, along with Burger King and McDonald’s.