What Are Some Well-Known Fortune 50 Companies?

Some well-known Fortune 50 companies include Apple, Google, General Electric, Walmart and Exxon Mobil. These Fortune 50 companies are also listed in Fortune magazine’s Top 50 Most Admired Companies.

Apple is esteemed by the business world for many of its qualities including innovation, leadership and superior products. Apple became the first company to reach $700 billion in market value, as reported by The Economic Times in February.

General Electric struggled with last year’s drop in gas prices but has experienced well-rooted success in power and energy since its formation in 1892. The company is steering away from consumer lending and focusing on its industrial strength – manufacturing jet engines, medical devices and gas turbines.

Google’s growth is stimulated most by advertising. The Google Fiber service is providing broadband Internet and cable television to an increasing number of US cities, and the company is developing its self-driving cars in plans of introducing them this year.

Walmart is ranked first in the Fortune 50 with nearly 4,000 stores in the US. It seeks new ways to attract customers as the Internet changes comparison shopping.

Exxon Mobil is the largest US oil and gas producer. The company plans to lower costs in response to the increase in oil prices.

Other Fortune 50 companies that rank in Fortune’s list of Top 50 Most Admired Companies include Microsoft, Amazon.com, Berkshire Hathaway, CVS Health, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan, Boeing, Wells Fargo and Home Depot.