What Is the Walmart Cashier Job Description?

Chris Hondros / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The role of cashier at Walmart requires the employee to provide customer service, conduct financial transactions using a cash register and courteously assist customers while creating a welcoming environment in support of the company’s values and mission. A cashier must remain aware of his or her surroundings, taking note of possible issues in matters of security, safety and integrity.

Specific duties vary by cash register location. For example, a cashier in the customer service and returns department may handle returns, refunds and price adjustments. Cashiers in checkout lanes scan and bag customers’ merchandise, process discounts or coupons, accept payment and thank customers for their business. Additional cashier duties include deactivating tagged merchandise, referring customer service escalations to superiors and seeking timely resolution of payment issues.

A cashier may work in a specific department, such as automotive, sports and hunting or electronics. Others set up and accept payments on layaway purchases. To perform these duties, the cashier must learn to use various software programs, operating systems and computer setups. Use of a handheld scanner is often required.

The company expects all cashiers to periodically complete training and attend meetings. The associate must demonstrate an understanding and commitment to the company’s policies on safety, sexual harassment, ethics and efficiency.