Who Are Wal-Mart’s Major External Stakeholders?

Wal-Mart’s major external stakeholders include suppliers, customers, the local community, non-governmental organizations and certain shareholders, states Wal-Mart’s website. These stakeholders influence and are affected by decisions made by Wal-Mart.

An external stakeholder is a person, group of persons or businesses that are not a part of the business that they have an interest in, notes Boundless. Major stakeholders in Wal-Mart are almost certainly customers and the local communities around each store, as they rely on Wal-Mart for food, products and taxes. Suppliers, such as Persil, are also major external stakeholders, as they rely on Wal-Mart to sell their goods and can influence the company by supplying certain goods to the stores.

Other external stakeholders might be community organizations that receive charitable donations from Wal-Mart, or shareholders who invest in Wal-Mart but don’t work for the company.