What Are the Visa Slogans?

DON EMMERT / Staff/AFP/Getty Images

As of March 2014, the current Visa slogan is “Everywhere you want to be.” The Visa credit card company uses catchy advertising slogans to capture the attention of consumers that enjoy paying for purchases with a credit or debit card.

Like many large companies, Visa periodically changes its advertising slogan in order to remain fresh and relevant in the minds of consumers. The company assigns the job of coming up with advertising slogans to its advertising agency.

Previous slogans have included “Life takes Visa” and “More people go with Visa.” Each slogan the company chooses matches up with the themes of its advertisements. For example, “Life takes Visa” was launched as a way to broaden the company’s appeal to more consumers. The company wanted to convey to consumers that whatever goals are being pursued in life, a Visa card is available to make life easier. Letting consumers know that “More people go with Visa” was a good way to convey that a Visa card is a top choice among consumers who shop with credit cards.

Visa opted to rehash the “Everywhere you want to be” slogan from previous years and put a fresh spin on it. The company’s current slogan conveys the message that Visa is a global brand that is popular with people from all walks of life.