Is There a Virtual McDonald’s Cash Register for Practicing at Home?

In 2014, McDonald’s hired Kineo to produce an online cash register application that its crew members could use to become more comfortable with their restaurants’ point-of-sale devices. The virtual cash register is available through the McDonald’s employee portal page.

Kineo is a company known for making addictive games and interactive training solutions for large companies such as McDonald’s. The particular application Kineo produced for McDonald’s runs much like a computer game, featuring lifelines and bonuses that the player can win by performing well. Examples of bonuses include the Perfection bonus won when the user gets an order 100 percent correct and the 3 on the Bounce bonus won when the player processes three correct orders in a row.

While the virtual cash register is not part of mandatory training for McDonald’s staff, statistics released by McDonald’s show that 85 percent of crew members hired by the company have used it to hone their skills at home. Some of the most commonly cited advantages of this application include the fact that it creates a sense of friendly competition between crew members and allows them to gain familiarity with the cash register without having to worry about customer interaction. The application won a gold medal at the 2014 ELearning Awards.