What Is a Vintage Turner Wall Accessory Print Worth?


Turner Manufacturing Company produced thousands of pieces of affordably priced furniture, art and mirrors, many of which can still be found today. Because of the high supply and low initial value, vintage Turner wall accessories and other items have not significantly appreciated in value, and you can still buy them cheaply today despite no longer being made. Unlike more valuable antiques, there is no standard pricing guide for Turner wall prints, so they are worth only what people are willing to pay for them. While the company was modestly successful in its heyday, it

What Is the History of Turner Manufacturing Company?

Based in Chicago, the Turner Manufacturing Company produced a variety of prints and paintings for roughly thirty years, and many of them can still be bought to this day. However, the cost of appraising most of these pieces usually exceeds their actual value. Turner wall art was designed for casual house design rather than art collection, and it was often sold at affordable prices in department and outlet stores. 

Much of Turner’s wall art consisted of reproductions of works by 16th to 18th century Old Masters. For more modern artwork, unknown artists were hired by the company to produce original paintings. Mirrors and shelves were added to the company’s selection during the 1960s and early 1970s.

Characteristics of Turner Wall Art Accessories

Turner wall art often features elegant and sometimes mirrored frames, stylish color palettes and a signature somewhere on the painting, although its location may not be obvious, especially if the picture was reframed. Turner paintings of birds tend to fetch slightly higher prices.


Examples of Turner wall art have survived in large numbers in part because they were made with man-made materials such as plastic that are resistant to moisture, heat and light degradation, unlike more expensive natural materials. Turner wall art wasn’t considered high-quality when it was first sold, and that hasn’t changed much today. For instance, during auctions, mirrors and shelves usually go for less than $100.

There are a few examples of Turner wall art that are worth more, but they’re extremely rare. One original 1960s Turner wall print modified by artist Max Freshman was bought at an auction for $1,500, but the print itself likely would have sold for less than $50 at an auction.

Where Can You Sell Vintage Turner Wall Accessories?

In general, vintage Turner wall accessory arts are usually available online at rates ranging from $10 to about $300. Before you sell your treasured art piece, you need to consider the piece in question, its condition and where you plan on selling it. Portraits and scenic prints of cities, isolated nature spots or bouquets often sell higher in antique shops or through private sale compared to auctions, but private sales can be difficult to arrange, and if you’re selling to a dealer or antique shop, you’ll likely only get 30 to 40 percent of whatever the item is resold for.


If you decide to sell locally, Craigslist can be an ideal way to get in touch with potential buyers. It’s free to use, and you can either sell it in your local area or a larger city near you. Alternatively, you could use Etsy if you have a number of pieces available to sell, although Etsy will likely take a portion of your profits through one means or another. Sites like Amazon MarketPlace, ArtFire and eBay also offer worldwide exposure and high traffic.