How Do You Verify Employment for Delta Airlines Employees?

Phillip Capper/CC-BY 2.0

Interested parties can verify employment for former nonretired Delta Air Lines employees by calling 1-800-693-3582 and speaking with a customer service associate. Retired, active and inactive employees must submit employment verification requests to a third-party service through the Delta employee website.

Delta employs nearly 80,000 people in support of the company’s hubs in Atlanta, New York-LaGuardia, New York-JFK, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Cincinnati, Detroit, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Tokyo-Narita, Amsterdam and Paris-Charles de Gaulle. The airline and its subsidiaries employ pilots, flight attendants, ticketing/gate agents, reservation agents, cargo staff, baggage handlers, maintenance technicians and corporate administrative staff.

Delta Air Lines began as a Georgia-based crop dusting operation in 1924 and did not carry passengers until 1929. The current network of regional, national and international flights carries approximately 165 million passengers each year. In order to grow, the company merged with other airlines, including Chicago and Southern Air Lines in 1953, Northeast Airlines in 1972, Western Airlines in 1987, Pan American World Airways in 1991 and Northwest Airlines in 2010. Delta is the oldest airline still operating in the United States.

Employment verification checks typically include the company name, job title, employment start and end dates, and salary. Employers use this information to confirm the accuracy of details on a job application.