What Utilities Do You Pay for in an Apartment?

The utilities paid for in an apartment vary depending on what is included in the lease and what’s excluded. Typically, utility payments include electricity, heating, gas (for cooking), Internet access, cable and air conditioning. Some of these utilities may be included in the rent cost, while others may not be included.

Figuring out an apartment’s utility costs requires intense scrutiny of the lease. The information given by the lease sheds light on which utilities are paid as part of the monthly rent and which ones are paid separately. Apartments.com claims that water, heat and garbage collection costs are commonly included in the rent price.

On the other hand, renters commonly have to pay electricity costs, as well as their air conditioning costs. Electricity costs usually vary between seasons, typically increasing during the winter. Internet costs are also left for the renter to pay, depending on their usage. Renters are also expected to pay for cable costs if they purchase a package from a provider.

Renters insurance is also counted as part of an apartment’s utility costs. In some apartments, renters may have to pay for parking and doormen. It is important to make appropriate inquiries on utility costs prior to signing the lease.