How Do You Use a MetaBank Prepaid Visa Debit Card?

Inti St Clair/Blend Images/Getty Images

MetaBank ETA prepaid Visa cards function like any other prepaid debit card, allowing cardholders to shop online, withdraw funds via ATMS and make signature and PIN purchases at brick-and-mortar locations. These cards can be used as an alternative to a bank account for direct deposits of paychecks and government benefits.

Those who wish to apply for a MetaBank ETA prepaid Visa card can do so at the official MetaBank ETA website. This account offers online access so users can check balances and use the Online Bill Pay feature. There is no fee associated with direct deposits or card-to-card fund transfers to this card, but a monthly $3 service fee applies to each card as of March 2015. No charges apply for purchases. However, an ATM withdrawal fee of $1.95 is charged, and the Online Bill Pay feature costs 25 cents per electronic transaction, $2.50 for the mailing of a paper check and $7.95 to cancel payments.

Other prepaid debit cards are issued by MetaBank, including NetSpend, AccountNow, Pay Power and Nexis Card. These cards feature an array of different fees associated with use and reloads, and all offer online account access. Fees for reloading these cards at participating retail locations, including Dollar General, CVS Pharmacy, Family Dollar and Food Lion, typically cost $4.95.