How Do You Use a Green Dot ATM?

The Green Dot company uses the MoneyPass network of ATMs, so first locate a MoneyPass ATM using the website locator, and use your card at the ATM in the same manner as a bank debit card. You can use your Green Dot card at most ATMs nationwide, but using MoneyPass ATMs is free when withdrawing money from a Green Dot account.

  1. Use the MoneyPass ATM locator

    Go to the MoneyPass website and select ATM Locator from the menu. On the next page, enter an address, ZIP code or place into the top search bar and click the green Search button. Use the bottom search bar to narrow the results by bank or retail location name. Other filter options let you find ATMs that accept deposits, that are wheelchair accessible and that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  2. Find an ATM

    The map shows your location with an orange button and the nearest MoneyPass ATMs with numbered green buttons. Beside the map is a list with the name and address of each ATM location, along with the Deposit Taking, Handicapped and 24/7 icons, if applicable. You can verify if an ATM is a MoneyPass ATM by looking for the MoneyPass symbol.

  3. Use your card like a bank debit card

    When prompted, choose Checking as the account type, input your four-digit PIN code, and select how much money you want to receive.