How Do You Find UMR Insurance Providers?

A list of United Medical Resources insurance providers is available online at, according to the company’s website. Click on the Find a Provider link located near the left center of the home page to access the provider list.

On the Find A Provider Web page, select either the medical or dental option under the Provider Network Search heading, advises UMR. To determine if a specific provider is listed, enter the provider’s name in the blank box located next to Provider Network, and click Search. To search for a provider alphabetically, click on the desired letter to view the list of participating providers that begin with that letter. Click on a provider’s name to open a link to the website.

The UMR website lists dozens of providers. Each independent website has a unique layout, so contact the customer service department on the individual websites for assistance with navigation, if necessary.

UMR customer service is available by calling 800-826-9781, notes the company’s website. Technical support for the UMR website is available by calling 866-922-8266. Customer service is also available via email. Click on the Contact Us link located at the top of the home page, and then click the Send an E-mail link located under the Member Services heading.