What Are Some Typical Talent Plus Interview Questions?

Typical Talent Plus interview questions require an intervieww to rate, on a one to 10 scale, issues such as his happiness or how much he is liked by colleagues. Questions such as those asking if the interviewee is intuitive, a complainer or competitive require a yes or no answer.

Questions often include follow-up questions or ask for examples. For example, if the interviewee says he is more competitive than others, the next question may ask him to rate his level of competitiveness followed by a request for an example of his competitiveness. A question requiring self-rating on a one-to-10 scale include asking for rating of the interviewee’s effectiveness when working with a team or the extent to which colleagues view him as a team player. Yes and no questions vary from “Do you feel good right now?” and “Do you see yourself as someone who smiles a lot?” to “Do you believe lying is ever morally justified?” followed by a request for an example.

Nine mock questions posted on the Talent Plus website ask the candidate to indicate what makes him better for the job than others, to provide an example of how he made a decision when he did not have all the necessary information and whether he would retire right now if he had the money.