What Is the Typical Salary for School Board Members?

Phil Boorman/Cultura/Getty Images

School board members receive no salary in most small school districts in the United States, while salaries in larger districts are typically modest. About 75 percent of board members in small districts are volunteers, according to the National School Boards Association.

School board salaries in large districts vary widely enough that there is no typical salary. In New York State, the 47,000-student Buffalo City School District pays board members about $5,000. Board members 60 miles away in the 32,000-student Rochester City School District earn $23,000. Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia, a 180,000-student district, raised board member’s part-time salaries to $32,000 in 2015. In California’s Los Angeles Unified School District, serving 655,000 students, board members work full time and made $45,637, as of 2013.