What Types of Places Hire Teenagers at Age 14?

Types of places that hire 14-year old workers include industries such as retail, food service, landscaping and education. During the summer months, young teens can find work at amusement parks, camps, beaches and parks.

Retail establishments offer many opportunities for 14-year olds to gain work experience doing basic tasks, such as stocking shelves. Working in a grocery store is another option. A grocery store may put a teen to work washing and wrapping fresh produce, weighing and labeling items and doing general clean up tasks. Teens who love outdoor work can contact local landscaping companies to see if they hire teens for basic cleanup and hauling tasks. Delivery services provide outgoing teens an opportunity to travel by bus or bike delivering packages. Some companies deliver goods to businesses or consumers, and teens may be able to help load and unload delivery trucks.

A 14-year old can seek food service jobs working for restaurants, entertainment parks or schools with cafeterias. Food service tasks for teens usually entail cleaning and dish washing and a limited amount of food handling. For instance, teens may be asked to heat food in a microwave or help with simple food preparation. Local cities and towns may hire teens with good swimming skills as lifeguards for public pools.