What Type of Jobs Are Available in Madagascar?

Madagascar’s major industries are agriculture, fishing, forestry and mining. About four-fifths of Madagascar’s population relies on farming to make a living. Major export products include vanilla, coffee and rice.

The situation has deteriorated in the wake of a 2009 coup, however, with farmers having trouble getting their products to market due to a lack of infrastructure. Madagascar also has a sizable tourist industry due to its unique plant and animal life, and there are related service industry jobs, though the coup has also negatively impacted this industry.

The country has jobs in mining natural resources such as gold, platinum, chrome, nickel and precious stones. Much of what remains in the country is in remote areas that are difficult to access, however. Jobs in the oil and gas industry may become available in the future as there are reserves off the coast.

As of 2014 the country is faced with poverty, however, and jobs are likely to pay much lower and be much more demanding than those in countries with more developed economies. Madagascar is one of the poorest nations in the world with a GDP per capita of $934 and most of the population earning only about $1 per day.