What Type of Health Insurance Is Accepted at Quest Labs?

Quest labs accept different types of insurance depending on the state where the facility is located, explains Quest Diagnostics. To see the list of accepted insurance providers, visit QuestDiagnostics.com. Click the For Patients tab, and then select the See Insurance Providers link. Choose the correct state to view a list of providers accepted in that state. If the state has an asterisk beside it, contact the Quest Diagnostics Commercial Operations department to determine accepted providers.

Through QuestDiagnostics.com, users can also find Quest locations, schedule appointments, request tests, pay a bill or view test results. In addition, users can request reminders for upcoming tests. Quest Diagnostics provides many testing services including routine blood tests such as white blood cell counts; Pap testing; total cholesterol screening; and molecular and gene-based tests. Quest also provides testing to diagnose or detect disease, to determine how a disease is progressing, or to verify a patient is free of disease, according to Quest Diagnostics. Quest creates and manufactures medical equipment including test kits, reagents and medical devices.

Quest Diagnostics provides laboratory services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies to allow these entities to conduct clinical research trials, notes its website. Quest is also responsible for the development of the Care360 technology that allows health care professionals to receive test results, share health information, prescribe medications and order laboratory tests.