How Do You Type a Business Letter With an Attention Line?

When typing a business letter, place the attention line below the address of the recipient and before the subject line, if included. An attention line is used to indicate who the letter is written to, particularly when the exact name of the person is unknown.

The following explains the process of writing a business letter with an attention line:

  1. Include the heading, date and inside address.
  2. Write the sender’s full address, telephone number and email address. Next, write the current date with the month, day and year. Lastly, write the receiver’s full inside address, including the company name or receiver’s name, the street address, city, state and ZIP code.

  3. Insert the attention line and optional subject line
  4. Write “Attention:” followed by the name of the receiver of the letter. If desired, add an optional subject line that states the letter’s purpose.

  5. Write the message’s body
  6. Write out the contents of the letter. The preferred format is an introductory section, at least one body paragraph and a conclusion paragraph.

  7. Add the closing and signature
  8. Add a complimentary closing, such “respectfully” or “sincerely,” followed by a signature and corresponding job title.