How Do I Get a TWIC Card?

Enrolling for a TWIC card requires a visit to an enrollment center. The process involves a security threat assessment, after which the applicant is notified of the results before a TWIC card is issued. The card is valid for 5 years.

  1. Pre-enroll online

    Pre-enrolling online is optional, but saves some time when visiting the enrollment center. To pre-enroll online, enter all the required biographical information for the threat assessment. Make an appointment online to visit the enrollment center. Although an appointment to visit the enrollment center is not mandatory, it speeds up the application process.

  2. Visit the enrollment center

    It is mandatory to visit an enrollment center before a TWIC card can be issued. Fill in the TWIC Application Disclosure Form, complete a set of fingerprints, provide biographic information and sit for a digital photograph. Identity verification documents are required for the application process. Aliens must verify their immigration status by bringing immigration documents. The documents are scanned, encrypted and sent to the government for a background check.

  3. Wait for a notification

    A notification is sent via phone or email when the card is ready. Visit the enrollment center to pick up the card. Making an appointment online to visit the enrollment center speeds up the process of picking up the card. Once your identity has been verified, the card is activated.