How Do You Troubleshoot a Fellowes Paper Shredder?

Troubleshooting a Fellowes personal shredder usually involves clearing a paper jam, cleaning a dusty sensor, emptying the wastebasket or resetting the shredder. Troubleshooting instructions are also available in the paper shredder manuals or by calling the Fellowes customer support line at 800-955-0959.

If a small Fellowes personal shredder does not come on and the red light on the machine is lit, it is possible that the wastebasket needs emptying. If the shredder head isn’t seated correctly, a safety interlock switch may have been tripped. With a larger shredder, failure to come on may indicate a paper jam, or it may indicate a need for the machine to be reset. Reset the machine by switching it to reverse for two seconds and then back to auto.

If a Fellowes shredder runs continuously, it probably means that one or both of electronic sensors in the paper entry slot are covered with dust or debris. Simply unplugging the shredder, lifting any safety flap and wiping the sensors clean solves this problem.

If the shredder stops working while shredding, it may need 30 to 60 minutes to cool down; it may possibly start working again on its own once it has cooled down enough. The shredder may also be jammed. Switching the shredder to reverse, then forward repeatedly, allowing the shredder to run for a few seconds each time, may clear the jam. If not, pull the paper out carefully to clear the jam.