How Do You Transfer Your Nursing License to Florida?

To transfer your nursing license to Florida, review the licensing requirements of the Florida Board of Nursing, submit an application for licensure by endorsement with the appropriate fees, get fingerprinted, and request license verification from your current nursing board. This process takes multiple days to complete.

  1. Review the Florida licensing requirements

    Navigate to the Florida Board of Nursing website, and click on the link that allows you to apply for licensing. If you already hold a professional or practical nursing license in good standing from another state or U.S. territory, you are eligible to apply by endorsement, which means you do not need to take an examination.

  2. Submit an application

    From the licensing page, click on the link Apply Online to start an application. Follow the prompts to complete an application, and then submit it with the appropriate application and licensing fees.

  3. Submit your fingerprints electronically

    Schedule a fingerprinting appointment with a Livescan service provider. After getting your fingerprints taken, submit them electronically to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

  4. Provide verification of your nursing license

    Contact the nursing board in your current state or the state that originally issued your license, and request that they send verification of your nursing license to the Florida Board of Nursing.